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…”this is a very serious business, contains hardship, long way to go”…

Allah, created everything within a standard. We can not see missing or surplus on the ground and sky. Product and service definitions in the world, then standard production, we always have to deal with standard information. Simplification of trade, facilitation is still possible with traceable standard.

The first known standard is a Sultan edict, published in 1502 which is called KANUNNAME-İ İHTİSAB-I BURSA. Today, one billion eight hundred and sixty million Muslims have no common standard for their consumed products.

The products and service standards we produce are determined by England, France, Germany, USA and Israel; so these countries determine our product production processes. In the Islamic world, others decide what, when, where, how much to produce.
ISLAMIC COUNTRIES STANDARD AND METROLOGY INSTITUTE was established IN ISLAMIC COOPERATION ORGANIZATION, whose work is only STANDARD and MEASUREMENT ASSESSMENT. SMIIC, who is among the founders of Turkey, now has 35 members of the Islamic Countries. It is expanding and growing day by day. Affiliated to the Institute which members are countries.

WORLD HALAL UNION is an international non-governmental organization which is headquartered in TURKEY.

Our being is to make free circulation of products and services produced in the Islamic World with a single sign or with recognized signs.

In this respect we care about SMIIC standards. We think that the only way is to contribute to making the standards produced here scientific, technical, reasonable and feasible.

World Halal Union works according to the SMIIC GENERAL HALAL STANDARDS. The products which poduced in one standard, that will give a result of Islamic brotherhood. World Halal Union has its mandate to make halal mandates all over the world, according it’s own regulations. We aware of this subject starts with R & D, continue with the information, and the ultimate goal of documentation. It will be possible the real brotherhood of the Islamic nation can be experienced with the same standards of life. We believe that it is correct way to make the halal work with a triple foot; honest, harmless and  in accordance with İslamic faith.


We advocate the importance of the ISLAMIC UNION in the countries where we give authority in the world. We accept authority in our country where our head office is located and carrying out studies accordingly; Department of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, TSE, TÜRKAK.


Ahmet Gelir


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