Social Responsibility



…” we have directly or indirectly participated in countless social projects over the course of time..”…

As it is known, one of the duties of non-governmental organizations and perhaps most important is to deal with the geography and the problems of the human being and to provide added value to social activities.

Since the day it was established, World Halal Union has been interested in many projects in the name of social responsibility as well as panels, conferences, seminars, written and visual media. School theaters, historical and touristic tours, work on orphanages, nursing home visits, just a few examples.

Apart from this, we also supported the book signing days organized by our women’s branches. There have been activities organized jointly with other non-governmental organizations not only in ourselves but also in Turkey.


We will strive to be the supporters of all kinds of goodness and beauty after that, too. In this context, we will continue to place ourselves under the stone for the solution and / or prevention of social problems, which will listen carefully to all kinds of requests that will come to us from now on as it is yesterday.



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